Why are nurses, teachers, care workers and many more professionals who have to deal with real turmoil on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with real people, not valued as much by our economy as say, graphic designers, bankers, software developers, ‘reality’ tv stars, certain ‘influencers’ ?

I can’t lie and say that I was thinking about this question with some empathetic review of society or personal sole searching, nor did it happen overnight as I have been working . …

**First Published 25th October, 2015 on TechLiverpool.com (currently offline)

The following companies are based in Liverpool, and with the described products and services below, are working on software, technology or web based assets that they own. (apologies if I missed you, email hello@baltictriangleedge.com to get added)

Read the post related to this list on why Liverpool can have a company valued at over $1 billion in the next 8 years, “Tech, Intelectual Property and Unicorns” by clicking here.

1.FitFlash App

FitFlash provides a comprehensive fitness journal which allows you to keep track of your workouts and set personal goals. …

**First Published 19th of November 2015 on TechLiverpool.com (currently offline).

“If we sit here in four years I think we win a title, I’m pretty sure.”, Liverpool FC’s New Manager, Jurgen Klopp in his first press conference.

Kloppmania has gripped Liverpool, whether you are a red or a blue, it has been impossible to avoid. I believe the reason for this, in part, is because this is a SMART objective. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Sensitive. Ok, I’m a Liverpool fan so the ‘achievable’ bit, I am biased on. But it is achievable.

In the next 8 years, we…

Building an infrastructure for Entrepreneurs, Community Managers & Organisations to easily integrate blockchain capabilities into their products and services.


We have been researching scaling solutions and talking to prospective community currency issuers about their needs over the past few months.

We decided that collaborating and building with the POA Network was the best option out of many, in this post we go into detail about the benefits of this development. We expect to release to main net in December 2018, an exciting future milestone for the community.

This introduction and specification will concentrate on the consensus mechanism, bridge and other…

Blockchain can be a scary world. Check out these videos to get acquainted with this groundbreaking technology.

I wrote this post as a precursor to my post, Web3 for Dummies, helping anyone learn about blockchain before learning a bit about the Web3 movement!

2 Minutes…

18 Minutes…

If you have any great videos on blockchain, please post in the comments and i’ll add to the post!

After 30 years of the internet, a relatively small band of people believe it’s time for a different future. Let’s see if you would like to be a part of it…

(I’ll assume some knowledge about Blockchain in this post, its purpose and its workings, if not check out these videos to get acquainted)

I recently attended the Web3 Summit in Berlin and through this 2 part blog, I hope to breakdown and demystify some of my learnings from the conference, in the hope of exciting the everyday Joe about Web3. …

Leon Rossiter

It’s about people. #thegreatreset #peepl #roost

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