The Actual Green Shoots of a Tech Revolution in Liverpool.

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The following companies are based in Liverpool, and with the described products and services below, are working on software, technology or web based assets that they own. (apologies if I missed you, email to get added)

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1.FitFlash App

FitFlash provides a comprehensive fitness journal which allows you to keep track of your workouts and set personal goals. Log your workouts, Set personal fitness goals & Share with your friends

2.Sentric Music

A music technology platform that aims to reduce the complication and confusion that surrounds music publishing and give every songwriter/catalogue owner the infrastructure to collect royalties and distribute their music globally. Have worked with Grey’s Anatomy and various media organisations worldwide.

3.Playrise Digital

Creators of Table Top Racing game launched in 2013 on Mobile. Apple store editorial teams in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland voted Table Top Racing: “Best Of 2013”. Currently working on it’s second iteration to launch on PS4 and Xbox One in Spring 2016.

4.Ditto Music

Digital music distribution platform to help artists sell their music across the world wide web and through distribution partners such as Spotify. Launched ‘Record Label In A Box’ product in 2015 to great success. Offering anyone the chance to start a record label quickly and easily.

5.Swap Bots

Next generation toys brought to life using the power of your smartphone and tablet by @drawandcode.

6.Lucid Games

Creators of ‘Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot mystery’ a mystery and puzzle game for kids. Pocket Gamer said , ”The writing is sharp and the conundrums are clever” Currently in top secret mode on their next project.

7.Red Ninja

Creators of a range of innovative, IOT, big data and software projects over the last 5 years. They operate in the health, smart cities and social care space by working collaboratively with technology shy organisations to solve problems. One product currently in development with multiple hospitals is an IOT device / mobile app that connects mothers with their babies in Intensive care.

10.Sea Level Research

A software platform that intelligently models and predicts nearshore tidal movements. Currently working within the port management and oil and gas industries to improve efficiency and reduce cost by giving ships and their captain accurate data in real time.


FinTech peer to peer lending platform for savers. Fruitful’s technology allows savers the chance to lend their money to mortgage borrowers, receiving a fixed return on their money. Based in the Liver building.

12.Independent Liverpool

A marketing platform for independent businesses. Operates mobile applications, websites and discount cards in Liverpool, Birmingham and Sheffield. Network receives 400,000+ visitors a month. Currently developing an e-commerce offering.

13.GameDev Market

A marketplace focused on the games industry. Has 7500+ members across 50 countries who buy and sell assets to aid in the creation of computer games. Currently working on ‘Request a Bespoke Asset Feature’.

14.Living Lens

A VC-backed video technology platform that compiles video content into searchable data. Allowing users & organisations to search through video files to find & utilise relevant content. Current uptake is strong in the global FMCG market & other multi-national organisations.


A writing platform for the older generation. Set to launch in December 2016.


Game development agency who are currently building ‘Kajui Panic’, a monster tower defence game for PC, Xbox and PS4. Also working on games utilising virtual reality headsets.

17.V Stack

Back-end as a service. A multi-national organisation with its founders based in Liverpool. They are offering a full stack back end for developers managed in the cloud.

18.Property Moose

VC-backed Property Crowdfunding technology. Offering investors the chance to invest in UK based buy-to-let investments.

19.Angel Solutions

SaaS products for the education sector that aims to improve efficiency and save the money of education establishments. Passionate about the power of technology aiding the improvement of education. 50+ staff currently reside in a circus at the Liverpool Science Park.


Created an IOT beer fridge that only opens on a Friday afternoon if everyone has done their time sheets. Currently awaiting a call back to buy one

21.MCQN Limited

Creators of Bubblino, a twitter monitoring, bubble blowing, friendly blue robot. Perfect for events, office spaces and front rooms to provide excitement and atmosphere when stuff happens online that you care about.

22.Marlin Technology

Technology for the global shipping industry. Aiming to provide efficiencies in the market place, currently carrying out extensive work in Nigeria.

23.Seer Trading Systems

FX trading robots and systems development for the global FX markets, based in the business quarter. Creating automated technologies / algorithms to run transactions on futures and forex trading platforms.

24.Re-Raise Design

Application developers who created the ‘My Diabetes App’ to aid sufferers of Type 1 diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels more effectively.


Mobile app games developer. Three titles + currently live in various app stores including ‘Goblin Defenders II’, a tower-based strategy game where the goblins are the goodies.


Creator of Tic Toc Tourist, a novel, mobile map led mobile application to aid time-poor tourists explore cities and tourist hot spots in an efficient and enjoyable way. Ensuring tourists maximise their limited time in various locations.

27.Milky Tea

Developed the Coffin Dodgers game over the last few years, think Mario Kart with Grandads and Grannies — evade the grim reaper on mobility scooters. Available on Steam and currently being developed for PS4 and Xbox One.

28.Rescon Technologies

Developing three, mobile led, health technologies with the aim of assisting people to lead healthier lives. Led by Dr Tom Dawson a human performance specialist and systems engineer, current products are, Lincus, Well-Being Tracker and One Precious Life


Real-time environment rendering for the games and simulation industries. Inventors of True Sky, described as the most advanced and reliable sky system available. Customers are all over the world, from the USA to Europe, Asia and beyond.

30.Starship group

Innovative software, entertainment and technology studio. Currently working on developing forward-thinking products and services across multiple sectors. Products include Vtime (mobile social VR), Cyber cook (VR cooking) and Forget Me not (E-health product for memory aid).


Mobile and console game developers working on Switch Galaxy Ultra, a futuristic, fast-paced and exhilarating track game. Currently working on various Xbox, PS4 and also even VR titles.

32.Thirsty Horses

A SaaS provider of HR software specialising in performance, appraisal and learning within organisations. Currently working with public sector and NHS organisations to aid communication and align organisation development goals.

33.Ruler Analytics

Operating in a growing sector, Ruler Analytics is a SaaS provider of analytical data tools for organisations looking to get more value out of their website traffic and sales calls.


Traditionally supplying secure data, hosting and internet services, Aimes is now leading high-level infrastructure projects in a wide variety of sectors, such as £0.8 million i-Tracs project looking to demonstrate the benefits of a new digital ‘eco system’ for the UK rail industry.


Rendering as a service. Providing on-demand rendering for organisations across the world. Supports 3DS Studio max, Autodesk’s 3DS Max & Maya as well as Maxon Cinema4D and other 3D applications.


Technology assisted independent living products. Focusing on hardware & software integrated systems that aim to help the older generation live healthier, happier lives.

37.Spiral House

Independent game developers currently working on ‘Troll and I’, a spooky third person action adventure set in the harsh environment of 1950’s Europe.

38.Telecoms Cloud

Really cool stuff around communications, data and software development, too many services to mention but my favourite bit is developers getting £5 free credit towards a ‘rest API’. This helps creators and technologists build internet of things based products.


E-commerce platform that brings crowd-funded ideas together in one place so you can purchase them quickly and easily. International expansion is on the cards. ‘Goat story mug’ anyone?


Game developers who recently ignited a game the team have been working on in downtime for over ten years. “Monsters Vs Robots: The Battle for Monsteca”, is currently being re-developed in the Unity Engine.

41.Global Coach

Software as a service for professional and non-professional football managers and coaches. Endorsed by Mr. Rafael Benitez.


Software platform for the education sector that allows patients and teachers to communicate in an intuitive and an easy to use manner. Includes a suite of specific mobile apps.

43.Citrus Suite

Currently, three health led, mobile applications targeting global audiences. One such app Fee Fi Fo Fit, is a game designed to help young families get fit with interest from multi-national entertainment brands already secured.


Developers of hardware and software solutions for the NHS and private healthcare sector. Medetrax, their SaaS platform, aimed at hospitals, claims to improve communication and reduce the average length of stay, mortality rates and readmissions to Intensive Therapy Units.

45.Where Dial

Internet-connected dial that shows your family at home your current location (when you choose to share it) through their mobile app. ‘In Mortal Peril’ one of the dial options.


Financial planning and forecasting tool that looks to integrate with your current cloud based accountancy software. A digital entrepreneurs weekend time saver?


Private, secure and customisable social network. Built with those who are concerned about mass surveillance in mind. Launching Beta late 2016.


“Education… where you want it, when you want it.” Software aiming to take on and improve the education sector as whole through smart cloud-based content and software solutions. Covering business, schools and home tuition.


Social search, quickly and easily. Search public social networks in seconds to find what you are looking for. A working beta is currently gathering data.

50.Push To Talk

IOT cloud-based solution for connecting users on its network at the touch of a button. Looking to work in the health & social care sectors to provide a scalable and easy to use interface for E-health applications.

51.New Mind

E-Tourism platform for organisations aiming to retain and build audiences, helping them to manage and scale their operations utilising New Mind’s custom built software tools. Thousands of daily users across Northern Europe, currently exploring international markets.


Data scientists that work on solving data migration, cleansing and big data issues for governments, corporations and individuals. ‘Data Baker’ and ‘PDF Tables’ products help you to extract clean data from both Excel and PDF’s. Creates opportunities for learning through easy & quick data analysis.


The estimating app. As many contractors and freelancers reading this know, estimating and providing detailed quotes for complex contracts can be a challenge. Billy will integrate with Xero, Free agent or Harvest to help you manage your estimates and help to ensure profitability.


SaaS provider of simple and secure digital signature technology. Aiming to simplify the document signing process through their cloud-based mobile application network.


3-d motion capture led start-up, focussing on the gym and personal trainer industries to provide a platform for personal learning and improvement. Initially focusing on techniques and ability in weight resistance training at the gym.


Healthcare mobile application aggregator that carries out in depth and clinical reviews of health care apps to help clinicians, the NHS and the public understand the value to our countries health and well-being. Platform launch expected January 2016.


On time, mobile application led logistics solution for the building industry. Utilising information in real time to effect change and reduce cost’s for SME builders.

58.Smart Appointments

Mobile application led appointment manager for the dentistry sector. Technology Strategy Board backed, launching its beta in 2016.


Mobile led assessment & training for organisations that tailors learning plans for employees. Recently acquired by Livewire Capital after less than three years of trading.

60.Connected Properties

Technology platform for the lettings and estate agency industries.

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